The DNA Company’s goal is the Optimization of Human Health and Performance through its mastery of the language of DNA.

Learn more about FAQs relating to DNA and autism in our free download.
If you enjoyed Dr. Mansoor’s talk with Kristin Selby Gonzalez about the connection between genetics and autism and would like to learn more download a FREE PDF with common questions surrounding this topic. 
Genetics and Autism FAQs Free Download
We have a long standing relationship with Autism Hope Alliance. Learn how The DNA Company and the science of functional genomics gave Kristin Selby Gonzalez, President of Autism Hope Alliance, the knowledge and tools to help her son Jaxson, who was diagnosed with autism.
Special AHA Offer
FREE Consultation*
($199 USD value) with purchase of a DNA test
*60-minutes consultation with an in-house clinician
Our DNA test is conducted by using a saliva collection kit sent to your home with return shipping and packaging included. This saliva sample is analyzed at our laboratories, which generates a gene map and report that identifies key genes and genotypes that affect different aspects of your nutritional health.
At The DNA Company,
we are fluent in the language of life. 
Through decades of research at world-class institutions, we have acquired a comprehensive understanding of your DNA.

We provide your practitioner with concise, clinically relevant information in the form of intelligently designed reports. Using our science, your practitioner will be able to make informed, functionally-driven decisions about your health.
Through our testing, you can expect to learn about how functional genes and gene pathways can influence:
  • Your Mood & Behaviour
  • Your Cardiovascular Health
  • Your Detoxification Capabilities
  • ​Your Hormonal Cycle
  • ​Your Diet & Metabolism
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